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Episode 110: We take our Knives Out and cut into a Powder Dream

What a delightfully ridiculous movie. Thank you Rian Johnson. Beyond Knives Out, this is a Star Wars heavy episode, with our post-movie spoiler discussion of The Mandalorian Episodes 3 & 4, a Jedi gameshow, a paid Star Wars marathon and more. Anthony has some rants about things that grind his gears, we talk Black Widow and No Time to Die trailers, what we're watching. It's a jam packed episode. Hugh should listen to it.

Episode 109: We ride a Red Seal on a Frozen (2) wasteland

Changing pace a little bit, we've got a sequel to a modern animated classic. We had fun. Additionally, a Tenet tease, Al's Ommegang expedition, Watchmen & The Mandalorian, and more. Let it go!

Episode 108: We find out that Doctor Sleep is actually of a Good Nature

This. Movie. Rocks. In other news, Amazon Lord of the Rings and The Witcher Season 2 news, Jedi: Fallen Order impressions, fun and games, and more. Come play with us.

Episode 107: We drink too much Märzen and we get Dark Fat

After months of talking about - and laughing at - Dark Fat, it's finally here. Sorry, let's be fair: it's Terminator: Dark Fate. Before, and after, that we spend a lot of time with The Mandalorian, which is finally here, and thankfully delivers so far. We also look at Disney+ in general, some stuff we're watching, weird trailers, and more. We'll be back.

Episode 106: We think that Zombieland is just a Dream

After an unprecedented run of four straight episodes with guests, it's back to just the two of us. Time to run it back with the sequel you never thought was coming to the movie you never thought you'd love. We had fun. Additionally, we have a ton of Spinchoon news to check out (seriously, take a look at the site if you haven't before), an Eternals bomb scare, some more The Batman casting, what we're watching, and more. Make sure you limber up first.

Episode 105: We think that Vic Secret is just a little Hocus Pocus

Thanks to Spinchoon co-founder Brian for joining us once again for this week's episode (follow him on Twitter @Big_Broons, and check out what he's been writing for The Spinchoon). We took a look at some of what he's been playing on Apple Arcade, the imminent release of The Mandalorian, the cancellation (at least for now) of the Benioff & Weiss helmed Star Wars trilogy, the cancellation of the Naomi Watts led Game of Thrones spin-off, the series order of the Targaryen focused Game of Thrones spin-off, plus wild tangents abound. We'd ask you politely to listen this week, but there's no need; we put a spell on you, and now you're ours.

Episode 104: We drive our El Camino to Roscoe

Our thanks to returning guest host, and resident peanut gallery leader, Dominick. We look at the casting news for the Amazon Lord of the Rings show and The Batman. We check in with Terminator: Dark Fat and where that series could potentially head. We discuss the moving and shaking at the top of Marvel, and of course, we react to the final Rise of Skywalker trailer. So buckle your seat belt and join us for a road trip up north.

Episode 103: We think Joker might be a bit Two Juicy

Our thanks to Spinchoon contributor Gary Gurecki for making his debut appearance on the show (follow him @GaryRGurecki). We had a lot of ground to cover after our break, so we get into The Batman casting news, Spooky SZN movie habits, the death (and rebirth) of Fortnite, trailers, what we're watching, and more! Let's put a smile on your face.

Episode 102: We notice The Shining around Pseudo Sue

Welcome back to the show, Gianna. Our thanks to her for co-hosting once again, and for driving our "What We're Watching" segment. We also tackled the hot, new, Matt Reeves Batman rumor, we eugoogolize Movie Pass (RIP), we look at some "Fargo" Season 4 casting news, we find out what character in The Shining Al is, and more. We'd invite you to this week's episode, but you've always been here.

Episode 101: We Let IT (Chapter 2) have its moment in the Sun

IT finally ends. We kept our promise to follow up on our episode from 2 years ago, and it’s all been quite the experience. Prior to that, we reconvene (briefly) on the more extended Tenet teaser, react freshly to the trailer for Jojo Rabbit, review (spoiler free) “The Boys” (Amazon Prime), react to the Knives Out reactions, and more. Come on down. We all float down here.

Episode 100: We swear to God we’re doing Cloud Atlas this time; We’re drinking a Magnify beer

We have ‘cisely zero regrets for what we subjected you to in our “first” Cloud Atlas episode. If you like this show you get that that’s peak us; this week’s episode is peak Flix & a Six. We freakin’ brought it for this one. News! Notes! Nuggets! A damn good beer and the best movie. That’s the true-true.

Episode 99: We confirm that The Matrix is the Craic

We love us some Matrix. More importantly, we love us some Keanu Reeves and Hugo Weaving. You’ll hear plenty of that, as well as Mandalorian and Rise of Skywalker trailer discussion, Matrix 4 news (perfect timing), Marvel/Sony discord, and more. Follow us and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Episode 98: We crack a couple C̶o̶r̶o̶n̶a̶s̶ Almanacs with Hobbs & Shaw

This movie is so dumb but somehow it works. We focus most of our remaining brain cells on some news about Tenet, Goldeneye on N64, the best sharks of all time, and more. Plus this Matthew Berry story (link here) about fulfilling a dream and getting to be in Avengers: Endgame. Join the family.

Episode 97: We go to the Beach, Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood

Back after a short break, we have the movie that’s been the talk of the town. We also look at some new trailers, fill you in on what we’re watching, talk about Venom 2, and read about the wild world of Nicolas Cage. Here we go.

Episode 96: We turn the Lights Out on The Lion King

Back to the well with a Disney nostalgia trip. The results are mixed. Luckily our cartoon rodent overlords gave us myriad other things to discuss at SDCC, as the MCU Phase 4 plan was unveiled. Be prepared.

Episode 95: We arrive on Cloud 9 in Newburgh

It’s finally happened. Long rumored, long anticipated, literally a year in the making.CLOUD ATLASThat’s right. We’ll keep the news and nuggets short, with the exception of a substantial (spoiler free-ish) review of Neon Genesis Evangelion from Al. We want to keep the main event the focus, just as we intended when we planned this episode so long ago. Tell your neighbors, your friends, your enemies to tune in.

Episode 94: We realize that Bavaria is Far From Home

Back from a holiday, we have something we think you’ll really like. We sure did. But first, old news. The Walking Dead Comic ends, Knives Out debuts its trailer, JA Bayona is involved with Lord of the Rings, and much more. Plus the long awaited (spoiler free!) review of The Leftovers. Follow your Peter Tingle and listen.

Episode 93: We get to the Bottom of Toy Story 4

Back and better than ever. We do our best (see: worst…. wurst?…. wort, nailed it) work after a break, and this is Exhibit A. Not much news — except for the Netflix darling “I Think You Should Leave” — but a million nuggets, as many tangents, some anecdotes, and What We’re Watching. You’ve got a friend in us.

Episode 92: We’re One Thousand Percent sure that we eventually talked about Aladdin in this one

Thanks to Spinchoon co-founder Brian Rooney for guest hosting with us this week (and check out his written review for this movie on The Spinchoon). He’s been a content machine. We eschew our typical new/notes segment for a brief chat about Dr. Sleep and a very substantial report on what interests us from EA Play and E3. So come on down, stop on by, hop a carpet and fly, to another Arabian night.

Episode 91: We embrace the Saison of John Wick

Long awaited, we’re finally back in the Wickiverse… right. We have to make up for old news and nuggets, but that’s fine, since it’s Star Wars, New New Batman, Dark Fat, Last Blood Part One, the newest nightmare from the unholy alliance of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro, and more! No time for dilly dally, Mr Wick.

Episode 90: We enlist Detective Pikachu to solve the case of the Hopivore

Thrones. Pokemon. Shenanigans. No news or nuggets this week, as our concluding thoughts on Game of Thrones takes precedent. Pika Pika!

Episode 89: We finally tackle Galaxy Quest; Better Late Than Never

It’s a good thing we recorded this early to accommodate our busy schedules…. only to promptly screw up and release it late anyway. Moving on! We give out compulsory Star Wars nuggets to build the anticipation, tip our caps to the end of Veep, give some penultimate thrones taeks (that got out of date quick), and talk some Batman (non-Patinson division). Never give up! Never surrender!

Episode 88: We ask Batman what a Calyptra is

It is so very frustrating to me that we did ’89 Batman on Episode 88. It’s OK because we had so damn much fun with it. Just as we enjoyed our time discussing trailers for IT Chapter 2 and Spiderman: Far From Home, brewery mergers, the next decade of blockbuster movie releases, and more. So if you want to get nuts, let’s get nuts!

Episode 87: We're Bedazzled by the Dawn of the Red

Back on track with a throwback; an underrated movie from a former star of the turn of the century; signified by one appropriate use of a semi-colon, and one that is completely unnecessary. First, we have to tackle a bevy of trailers, some spoiler free Game of Thrones talk, the brilliance of Billions, and more. Make a wish and join us in this fantasy.

Episode 86: We join Sam Adams in the Endgame

No preamble necessary. Let’s get into it. Thanks to Brian Rooney for finally joining the show.

Episode 85: We join up with some Mallrats to slay Beelzebub

The 3rd annual Easter episode of Flix and a Six has some new aspects to it. First: a comedy classic from the 90’s. Second: an expanded peanut gallery, bordering on full blown round table discussion. Our thanks to recurring guest co-host Dominick, and to first time guest, our biggest fan, Mike. Enjoy!

Episode 84: We hear Crickets after we shout “Shazam!”

Sorry for the week off. It will happen again. But not right now, and we more than make it up to you, as we crush a news & nuggets section featuring Star Wars, more Star Wars, and some more Star Wars after that. There’s also MCU Phase 4 rumblings, Dark Phoenix trailer talk, and much more. Then more Sta- I mean we get to the movie, which we cover only as we can. Just say the magic word and we’ll appear.

Episode 83: We take a Revolver while exploring the Triple Frontier

Our thanks to returning guest host Dominick Biolsi, even if he was only half there, and half asleep. We promise to keep you awake with wonderful news and nuggets about the Joker, Child’s play, Endgame updates, Jim Carrey in a most ridiculous role, and much more. So gear up and follow along. Movie: Triple Frontier Beer: Stone Hop Revolver IPA

Episode 82: We take stock of the Action in Us

OOOOOOhhhhhh boy. Us. You know you’re here for it. It’s bat shit crazy. Listen to us talk about it, and a shit ton of other things you know you’re here for. There’s Star Wars. There’s Endgame. There’s a narrative that is, finally, well and truly killed. And there’s something new we’re watching. So find your better self and listen. Movie: Us Beer: 4 Noses Brewing Company Pump Action Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Episode 81: We get Back into action with Alita

BIG NEWS ALERT!!! Before we get into the standard episode fare, we have an important announcement to make. The Spinchoon is launching another podcast: The Spinchoon Sports Show. Al will be one of the co-hosts there, as well as new ‘Choon, Mike Schaeffer. SO go check that out if you like fun and beer and sports (We know you like at least 2 of those). Also, as you can tell here, we’re leaving Souncloud very soon, so plan accordingly. Both shows are still gonna be basically everywhere else you can find podcasts. So let’s have some fun with it! Back to your regularly scheduled synopsis. This one is PRETTY damn good. Alita: Battle Angel, John Wick, Delicious Beer, James Gunn, What we’re watching and playing, Nolan Movie 2020, Star Wars??, and much more. So motor(ball) over and listen! Movie: Alita: Battle Angel (Movie starts at 1:10) Beer: 21st Amendment Brewery Back in Black (Black IPA)

Episode 80: We hitch a ride in the Backseat with Captain Marvel

We’re back in the MCU with a throwback origin movie, priming ourselves for the main event next month. It’s good to be back in our element, in more ways than one, as this is a looooong episode for you. It’s not just a full Captain Marvel discussion; the long awaited Sopranos review, the definitive(-ish) list of the Keanu action movie catalog, MCU trailer and Phase 4 news, and more make the cut. So load your Walkman with the latest show! Movie: Captain Marvel (Movie starts at 1:22) Beer: Otter Creek Brewing Co Backseat Berner IPA

Episode 79: We go to Skool and Win it All

We’re back off our post-Oscars hangover, recharged and ready to go (even if Al’s internet couldn’t handle the heat). We have something a little different this week; a new take on the gambler’s journey. But first, we sample some excellent beer goodness, catch you up on some news, nuggets, and more, and just catch up. We’re all in on this week’s episode. Movie: Win it All Beer: Southern Tier Nu Skool IPA

Episode 78: Oscars Primer 2019

Who will win? Well, we have no idea, but we’re gonna guess anyway. We’re just here for some fun. It’s our first edition of Flix & a Whisk, the calm, cool, collected cousin of your customary favorite show.

Episode 77: We call Bull on Roma

Continue at your own peril…. Not with this episode, of course, we bring it as always. But that movie… yikes. In more entertaining news, we’ll bring you some entertainment news, kill a narrative, discuss kidnapping, and much more. I wish I had something creative to say about the movie here, but I just don’t. Movie: Roma Beer: Bull & Barrel Country Bumpkin Pumpkin

Episode 76: We shatter the Glass in the Lighthouse

From the inconsistent mind of M. Night Shyamalan, the conclusion to the accidental trilogy nearly two decades in the making. The only thing more surprising than one of the (ubiquitous) twists in this movie, is that we disagreed so substantially in our views on this movie. Thankfully, we do agree on delicious beer, of which there is much discussion, and we get back in action with some trailers, anticipation, and more. This is no Origin Story, and it's definitely not a Limited Run.  Movie: Glass (movie starts at 0:38) Beer: Cypress Brewing Co Lighthouse

Episode 75: We meet a Jersey Girl out in the Boondocks

WOO! (Cult) Classic movie alert! Enough said about that; you're either in or out. Quick and dirty here, we have a great movie, Oscar Nom's, Soprano's Movie and Zombieland 2 news. Let's do it. Beer: Jersey Girl Brewing Co Sun Kissed Citra IPA Movie: The Boondock Saints (Starts at 0:47)

Episode 74: We claw through the Smoke to escape the Spider-Verse

This week's show is infested with spiders….. *pauses, checks watch*….. OK, for those of you that aren't arachnophobes, we hope you'll enjoy an episode on THE. BEST. SPIDER-MAN. MOVIE. EVER. No that is not hyperbole. And, in a wonderful, unplanned occurrence of synergy, we have our first full Far From Home trailer to discuss. Since it was a week chock full of new trailers, we discuss a few other things upcoming, we listen to Anthony's analog(ish) tribulations in a digital world, and much more. So swing by and listen up. Movie: Spider-Verse: Into the Spider-Verse (Movie starts at 0:56) Beer: Jack's Abby Smoke & Dagger Black Lager

Episode 73: We kick it up a Gear with Bird Box

Welcome to the (not so) new and (marginally) improved Flix & a Six! What does that mean for you, our loyal listeners? Well, not that much actually. At least not yet. But soon…. soon….. In the meantime, we're up to some hi-jinks, we preview some things we're looking forward to in 2019, we take a few shots at DC, and we top the whole thing with the flavor of the month on Netflix. So close your eyes, listen up, and decide whether you're gonna lift that blind fold. Movie: Bird Box (Movie starts at 0:49) Beer: Fixed Gear American Red IPA

Episode 72: We ask Aquaman how to pronounce "Fruittanomyces"

He didn't have a good answer for us. Luckily, the beer experts at Flix & a Six have you covered. Just like we covered a slew of trailers for upcoming movies. And a surprising movie. But most importantly, we return a fan favorite segment: Reading. So join us as we journey under the sea for a CGI dominated adventure that actually looks (mostly) good! Movie: Aquaman (movie starts at 0:57) Beer: Ommegang Fruittanomyces

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