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Episode 118: We can't for the Life of us figure out what a Pollock Rip is

Please tell us if you know if you can figure it out. In less confusing news, we have a Witcher animated movie, Sam Raimi's Marvel-ous return, Ryan Reynolds's terrorism against classic films, FPJ's new show, and more. Anthony and Al also ride together, but hopefully won't die together.  Most importantly, though, is an adorable knitted Baby Yoda (or 2)

Episode 117: Flix & a Whisk 2- Oscars 2020

Our second annual Flix and a Whisk is here. We apologize for all of it - especially Al's horrendous accent. We hope you enjoy anyway.

Episode 116: We find a Parasite in our Mango Crush (ew)

Oscars watch marches on with this peculiar film. Before that, we talk Bill Murray in Ghostbusters: Afterlife, The Batman starts principal photography, Matrix 4 casting news, the assorted John Wick properties, Birds of Prey reactions, and much more. Latch on.

Episode 115: We take in the sounds of the Saison in 1917

What a journey. A consensus (on Flix and a Six) frontrunner pick for Best Picture, this film is an experience. Before the flick, we look at the trailer for "Dispatches From Elsewhere," tackle some Better Call Saul, Altered Carbon, and Taika Waititi Star Wars news, admire the Peacock TV Twitter following, and debate the merits of the Subaru Forester Ultimate Customized Kit Special edition. Then, stay tuned to our final Witcher Watch after the episode. Fix bayonets and charge into this one.

Episode 114: We have fun with Jojo in the Summertime

Time to throw it back to… a few months ago. What an odd movie, but you should expect nothing less from Taika Waititi. In addition to the movie, we have a Witcher Watch, Morbius trailer, The Eternals and Amazon's Lord of the Rings official casting announcements, Oscar Nominations, and more. Make sure you don't lose your knife.

Episode 113: We think that Kentucky Coffee Barrel is a real Gem

Back from the holidays we have a real doozy for you. Spinchoon contributor Gary makes his long awaited return for Uncut Gems, as promised. We have a bunch of new movies and shows news, casting info, our top movies and shows of 2019, final thoughts on The Rise of Skywalker - plus our individual rankings of the entire series - and a final Mando Watch for Season 1 of "The Mandalorian." This is how we win.

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