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Episode 114: We have fun with Jojo in the Summertime

Time to throw it back to… a few months ago. What an odd movie, but you should expect nothing less from Taika Waititi. In addition to the movie, we have a Witcher Watch, Morbius trailer, The Eternals and Amazon's Lord of the Rings official casting announcements, Oscar Nominations, and more. Make sure you don't lose your knife.

Episode 113: We think that Kentucky Coffee Barrel is a real Gem

Back from the holidays we have a real doozy for you. Spinchoon contributor Gary makes his long awaited return for Uncut Gems, as promised. We have a bunch of new movies and shows news, casting info, our top movies and shows of 2019, final thoughts on The Rise of Skywalker - plus our individual rankings of the entire series - and a final Mando Watch for Season 1 of "The Mandalorian." This is how we win.

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